About us

The dental complex equipped to Western standards is located in the district Manastur of Cluj Napoca. The hallmark of the complex is the high professional level of the staff, which constantly strives to treat all the patients with maximum professionalism and whole-heartedness.

Our complex includes two dental offices opened in 2000, a modern radiology practice and a dental laboratory opened in 1995 by Dr. Varga Milian, the coordinator of the complex who also has an extensive experience as a dental technician.

The bringing together of the dental laboratory, of the dental offices and the coordinator doctor’s passion for prosthetics and implantology have determined in time the preference of the complex for these two specialties. 

The modern materials and techniques we use and our experience help us achieve the best results in these two areas.
Knowing the quality of the materials used we offer a warranty of 10 years for all the treatments and implemented prosthetic devices.

Our motto is: professionalism and quality at affordable prices for all the patients.